Laced Mail

Free disposable email addresses that fuel security research. Cuz one person's garbage is another's treasure :P

Mail Boxes

Username Email Count 1 1 2


Laced Mail is built to accept any email and make it accessible via an API. Forward spam to it, point your MX records to it, or just use the domain as your spam inbox.

Email Addresses

Laced Mail will accept email to any user at any domain. You can use something like or use your own domain by creating an MX record pointing to


All emails are removed from the database after 60 minutes. Besides keeping costs down, this allows researchers pull and archive emails into their own systems for analysis.

API Access

While a WebUI is provided for basic functionality, we created Laced Mail with the idea that researchers would be fetching emails via the API and using them in their analysis.


Get Mailbox

First fetch a mailbox to get a list of messages in (ID, Subject, Date) tuples

>>> requests.get('').json() {u'messages': [[u'583deb32df211500018aeac0', u'Email Subject!', u'2016-11-29T20:55:14.439000']]}

Get Message

Then Fetch an individual message by its ID. Messages are constructed so they can be recreated using Python's email module

>>> requests.get('').json() {u'mailfrom': u'', u'rcpttos': [u''], u'timestamp': {u'$date': 1480452914439}, u'peer': {u'host': u'', u'port': 33024}, u'_id': {u'$oid': u'583deb3......